Mom's Post About Her Son Shows Danger of Popcorn for Children | 22W

Mom’s Viral Facebook Post About Her Son Shows Danger of Popcorn for Young Children

By Sherene Buffa

Popcorn is a go-to snack many moms to give to their kids, because it does have fiber in it, and it just goes hand-in-hand when having a family movie night. Plus, it tastes pretty darn good. And I've never witnessed a child say no to popcorn.

But, while this tasty, somewhat healthy snack seems a win-win, not all children should eat it. In fact, doctors recommend that children under the age of five do not eat popcorn at all.

A mom is sharing her story in hopes to spread the word so other young children aren't harmed by eating this delicious snack. Nicole and Jake Goddard from Parker, Colorado sat down for a normal family movie night with their three children, serving popcorn while watching Mrs. Doubtfire.

As they were watching the movie, their youngest child began to choke. And just before his father was going to do the Heimlich on him, their son, Nash, started to breath normal, and the parents assumed he had swallowed the kernel that was stuck. But they were wrong.